You Should Quit Poker? The 3 Things to Consider

You Should Quit Poker? The 3 Things to Consider

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Nikoka has been pursuing poker for 5 long, hard months and has yet to produce results.


He’s thinking of throwing in the towel, expressing feels of frustration. I can’t blame him.

Quitting poker altogether is a dramatic decision, one that I wouldn’t advise unless you are want to be a professional, or not play at all. And that simply doesn’t make sense.

Most of us play the game because we love it, so when we’re thinking of quitting, it really means that we aren’t wanting to play the game on a professional level. But poker will always be there.

Once we get in touch with our intention, in other words the level of competency that we want to achieve, we must really utilize our time wisely to give ourselves the best possibility of success.

How he used those 5 months, his approach toward poker and his daily activity is more important than the five months itself.

In today’s video, I share more thoughts on intention, purpose and how to train, study, think and be like the professional you want to become. It also includes a preview of what the first part of Four Step Poker is all about.

Have you ever felt like quitting poker? What obstacles did you face? How did you overcome them? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

Have questions of your own? Shoot them over to me and I’ll respond in a video.




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