Why I Never Tip People Who Do This!

Why I Never Tip People Who Do This!

DISCLAIMER: controversial subject. Read at your own risk.

Tipping has never been about the money. It’s about showing your appreciation for those who deserve it.

The money is merely a gesture. A way to vote. It’s America’s way of saying ‘thank you.’

It saddens me that we’ve lost that right. We can no longer vote.

Why? Because tipping has practically become compulsory.

Restaurants automatically add 18% gratuity to parties of six or more. (Since when did large groups lose the right to choose?)
Waiters get paid minimum wage because employers literally know that the consumers will compensate.

Isn’t something wrong when services, from taxis to waiters, expect each and every customer to leave them a 15% tip?

TIPS (to insure prompt service) have completely lost their purpose. They’re meaningless!
When everyone expects them the quality of service is diminished.

It’s worse for the consumer and the service industry as a whole. There’s too much faking.
And there’s nothing more tilting than someone who’s pretending to care when all they want your money. (Las Vegas in a nutshell).

It’s not only that tipping has become practically obligatory that’s problematic, it’s the pervasiveness as well. 

I’m cool with tipping the door man, bell boy and of course, when service is exceptional, the waiter.
But the hairstylist who wants 20% extra to cut your hair?
The taxi who wants money to drive me from point A to point B?

When did we start tipping for basic services?
And why is the burden of payment on the consumer instead of the employer?

Enough ranting. Check out my crazy tipping story and learn why I never tip people who do this one particular thing!

… and why you shouldn’t either!

What do YOU think about tipping? Have I lost my mind or is there some sanity still left in me?
Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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