Why I Fold Almost Every Hand I’m Dealt (in Poker and Life)

Why I Fold Almost Every Hand I’m Dealt (in Poker and Life)

I used to believe that in order to be successful I had to keep busy and do as much as possible.

This led me to say ‘yes’ to every business opportunity that came my way, even if it ultimately had little impact on helping me reach my Northstar.

As a result, I was treading water at a dozen different endeavors, instead of crushing the one or two that mattered.

I realized that the wonderful game of poker had the answer. If you want to win, you have to fold almost every hand you’re dealt, and only wait for those premium holdings.

What if I applied that same strategy to my life and business as well?

I began documenting where I was spending my time and took a hard at which outlets were truly moving the needle. I realized most of what I was spending time on was a complete waste.

I began eliminating everything that didn’t matter and tripled down on what was working. For me, this meant focusing almost all my effort on making the Membership at Conscious Poker the best place to learn poker on the internet, and creating more content.

I’ve learned the hard way that to make progress at something, one needs to be hyper-focused, and make conscious choices about which projects they take on.

In the past, I’d look for reasons to say ‘yes’, and put ‘more’ on a pedestal. Now I look for reasons to say ‘no’ to everything from clients I’m coaching and unnecessary conference calls to potential interviews and business ideas. My goal (although I still struggle with this) is to only take on the 10% of opportunities that will move the needle.

I’ll admit, this approach is not sexy. There’s probably some dopamine release we experience in running toward every new enterprise because things are always more exciting in the beginning. It takes real work and is often a struggle to pursue the same thing every day. But if you want to get ahead, that’s the game.

Are you folding enough?

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  • Leighton Wright September 4, 2019 2:22 am

    Good tip,poker is indeed an excellent metaphor for life. Gota pick ur spots properly as timing is crucial, not to get too high or too low and stay even keel no matter what’s going on whether you gota deal a bad beat or ur raking in pots all day its important to manage all aspects of what going on in the appropriate way and adjust accordingly.

  • James Pratt February 3, 2020 11:46 pm

    Really enjoyed your message about setting limits!

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