Who Am I?

Who Am I?

“So… what do you do?” he asks. I sense the implication. The awaited answer, how one derives income, is shallow, insolent. I’d like to think he is trying to learn something about me. If so, I can choose from a variety of interests: Traveling, music, eating, writing, exercise, reading, poker, photography, cooking. Why reduce ourselves to one dimension?

Defining starts with us. In the same way we are taught to dress for the job we want, we should introduce ourselves for the people we strive to be. Our passions go beyond 9am – 5pm. The stock trader who dances salsa, the barista who writes poetry, the bus driver who enjoys stand up comedy, they are all more than their jobs.

I don’t always feel like being “Alec the poker player.” I want more. I am more. To get to know someone don’t ask what they do, ask what they dream of doing. To be someone, don’t worry about who you are, worry about who you want to become.

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When someone asks “what you do,” what activity best describes you?

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