Welcome to my free poker webinar

Welcome to my free poker webinar

I have some awesome news!

So tonight (Friday, September 18th at 7:00 pm EST) I’ll be hosting my very first live webinar.

It’s absolutely free to join and I’ll be doing a live ‘ask me anything’ session where I’ll be helping aspiring players like yourself to up their game.

We can cover anything you want: from in game strategy to bankroll management, from moving up in limits to adjusting to aggressive opponents.

To join the webinar, simply go to my Google+ page and join the event at the top of the page and show up on time tonight.

You can also watch our session via this link on YouTube and join the discussion from there if you decide to.

If you don’t have a web camera, or you are simply not able to attend the live broadcasting tonight, make sure to leave you questions in comments on YouTube, so I can answer those tonight or later, as recording will be available once we finish our streaming on THIS LINK.

See you there!

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