The UK Goes ALL IN On Coronavirus: Will It Work?

The UK Goes ALL IN On Coronavirus: Will It Work?

The UK has just made an unprecedented bet regarding their approach toward handling Coronavirus.

Whereas the rest of the world is aiming to contain the spread, chief scientist advisor Sir Patrick Vallance
has other plans. Advocating what’s called ‘Herd Immunity’, his proposal aims to allow 60% of the UK population to contract the coronavirus, to build up a natural immunity to the virus. In this way, he hopes it will actually help to mitigate the spread.

Of course, the plan is highly controversial. In this video, we discuss the merits of placing high risk bets without all the facts when the stakes are extremely high.

Is this a bet the UK can afford to make? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.

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In the mean time, stay safe, floss daily and social distance. 

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  • James Morgan March 17, 2020 4:22 am

    I believe the UK approach is better. Sure, it may cause bigger problems in terms of the disease, but when one considers the long term impact on the economy of draconian measures, and THE RESULTING HUMAN MISERY INCLUDING DEATH, that is a by-product of a global depression, it becomes clear that the draconian measures are a bad overall decision. That is even MORE clear if the disease will resurface. Of course, those at high risk of extreme cases must be isolated.

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