There is No Destination

There is No Destination

Focus on the process

I’ve been back on the grind again, and what I’m really focused on at this point in my career is improving an aspect of myself through the game. Poker has taught me to focus on the process. It means channeling allmy attention on playing the hand the best way possible, without concern about the outcome. I’ve learned that if I continually make great decisions, I will come out ahead.

This obsessiveness with the process in poker has spilled over into my personal life too. One thing I struggle with is being highly destination driven. I’m largely focused on achieving; on getting to a specific place. It’s rare that I take time to stop and celebrate the milestones, because as soon as I reach one, I’m looking forward to the next.

Destinations don't matter

Recently I’ve been aiming to be more mindful of the fact that all these destinations are arbitrary. They really don’t matter in the end. I’ve come back to what poker has taught me, that it’s the process of getting there that truly counts. It’s not so much about where I’m going, but how present I am on the journey. If I’m not fully in each moment and enjoying the journey, what’s the point?

This week I did better. I can really say I lived more in the moment. I took life as it came, without being fixated on where I’m going, but rather, how I’m getting there.

There is no destination.

Just like in poker, the process is the purpose.

And now, here’s a little recap of my week.

More to come.

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