The Future of Poker

The Future of Poker

It’s no secret that poker has gotten harder over the years. With the influx of technology, statistical programs, forums, training sites and sheer interest, the game has evolved.


Players do two things: move up or move out. And many have moved out.

This dramatic, exponential growth has sparked fear in the hearts of aspiring players. Is poker a sustainable job? Is there still money to be made?

Many accuse me of being an optimist, but my view has always been that more people, more money and inevitably more sponsors has been extremely beneficial for poker. Sure the game has gotten harder, but there’s also more money to be made now than ever!

And that’s because there’s simply more interest. With the online poker economy moving toward regulation, the change in the way poker is shown on TV, growing public acceptance and more future sponsorship opportunity there will be players making more money than ever before.

Of course there are drawbacks. The level of competency which one needs to succeed will be higher. And the percentage of those who do will be smaller. But this follows the progression of any other sport. Look at today’s baseball players, and those 100 years ago. It’s harder to succeed, but those that do are in a great spot.

It also means that the way people will make money will change. Online poker has become extremely saturated, but the live scene is bigger and more flourishing than ever. New products, sponsors and tools will become available (again, think of baseball – there’s bats, balls, jerseys, hats, training schools, and tons of merchandise).

Another thing that will change is the type of player that one needs to be to thrive, the type the public expects due to how poker is being marketed on TV. Successful players will also need to be good ambassadors, classy and professional.

Check out today’s video to learn how you can stay on top of your game and make sure the ever changing poker industry doesn’t pass you by!

What are your thoughts on the future of poker? Is there more or less money to be made? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

Have questions of your own? Shoot them over to me and I’ll respond in a video.



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  • Will November 19, 2014 10:41 am

    Hey Alec,

    All I want to say is thank you so much for this video! It cleared up my doubts of taking a shot at poker. I learn so much from your videos, and this one inspired and motivated me even more instead of scaring me. I like how you also talked about the type of player; I will keep that in mind. Anyways, thanks for taking time to make this video, I will share your blog with others! Hope I will be playing against you in the future.

    Looking forward to your blogs,


    • Alec November 19, 2014 10:51 am

      Hey Will,

      Inspiring man, thanks for taking the time to write! I’m glad to help and would love to see you at the table some day.

      Keep on keeping on!

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