The Best Place to Stay in Tuscany: Castello Banfi il Borgo

The Best Place to Stay in Tuscany: Castello Banfi il Borgo

On our latest road trip through Tuscany we decided to splurge and stay at Castello Banfi il Borgo, a historic castle from the 1700’s which has been stylishly resorted and turned into a luxurious 5 star resort.
With just 14 individually furnished rooms (which were formerly used for farmers who served the noble landowners), and an impressive staff, each guest is ensured their needs are met.

castello banfi il borgo, alec torelli, travel

Whether it was kicking it in their hilltop pool overlooking the vineyards which make their incredible Brunello wine to a 5 course meal at their stellar restaurant, the experience was truly over the top.

It’s no secret that Tuscany is renown for food. While we have had some incredible meals over the years, the set menu lunch at Castello Banfi’s La Taverna (which literally means ‘The Tavern’), was easily the most memorable.

castelo banfi il borgo, travel
castello banfi il borgo

One of their on site wines was paired with every dish, allowing you to truly savor each course. The food was excellent, but I was equally impressed by their own products. Their 18 year old aged vinegar accompanied their cold pressed olive oil and freshly baked bread and seemed to flow in endless quantities during lunch.
I personally despise vinegar, but their thick syrup tasted more like a sweet jam than the gross sour poison they serve in America.
I bought a bottle to go.

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We took every opportunity to soak up the stunning aerial view. Fortunately there were many, from the epic buffet breakfast to the evening apperitivo. Lounging by their pool at sunset was magical, and the sense of peace and calm one feels watching the sun fade into the horizon is bar none.

I’m all for roughing it or a bit of modesty, especially on road trips. But once in a while it’s nice to let go. Staying at Castello Banfi truly made our trip a special one.
Here’s a quick video of some of the best moments.


castello banfi il borgo, pool, alec torelli
castello banfi il borgo, alec torelli

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