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High Stakes Travel

Innsbruck from the Inside

February 8, 2016
6 minutes

“When does the event start?” Ambra asked me.

Let me check. I pulled out my iPhone and held down the button on the bottom.

“When is the Poker Tournament in Innsbruck, Austria?” “Checking,” Siri responded. She paused for a moment. “Okay, here’s what I found.”

I scanned through the news feed.

“It starts tomorrow,” I said. She smiled. “Perfect. I’ll grab my things.”


High Stakes Travel

Where I Stayed in Milan

February 1, 2016
1 minute

I love staying in apartments when I travel. It makes the city feel like home. Nothing offers a more local experience than shopping for food and cooking.

And there’s perhaps no better place to do that than in Italy, where the fresh fruit and vegetables have some of the most robust flavors in the world.

It’s easy to feel at home in an apartment like this. Our two-story penthouse was bursting with so much light that even a cold, damp winter day was inspiring.