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How to Measure Success in Poker

March 26, 2015
6 minutes

TVI had a crazy, epic Day 3 of the European Poker Tour in Malta,
but unfortunately ended up busting in 65th place.

It’s moments like these that one wonders why they bother with tournaments. Winning seems so impossible, so out of your control.

Even when hit with a lightening bolt of good fortune as I was – shoving with J8ss on a bluff into KK, and getting there – I still came up short.


Back to the Future

March 14, 2015
4 minutes

BACK ON LINEThere are many ways to compete in poker: for each different game one can specialize in tournaments, cash games, online or live.

I’ve never been stay in one place too long. While No Limit Hold’em has always been my game of choice, I’ve bounced back and forth between all four ways of playing it.


How to Prepare for Tournaments

November 26, 2013
7 minutes

Antibes France

In a couple days I’ll be playing the IPT Grand Final in Saint Vincent (like Aspen, only Italy). I’m truly excited. Pagano Events puts on amazing tournaments, and with PokerStars as the sponsor there’s a seal of prestige attached to it and a huge field.

I’ve taken the past two weeks off, enjoying time with my family in the South of France (you can see its beauty in the pictures below).