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Welcome to my free poker webinar

1 minute

I have some awesome news!

So tonight (Friday, September 18th at 7:00 pm EST) I’ll be hosting my very first live webinar.

It’s absolutely free to join and I’ll be doing a live ‘ask me anything’ session where I’ll be helping aspiring players like yourself to up their game.

We can cover anything you want: from in game strategy to bankroll management, from moving up in limits to adjusting to aggressive opponents.



WSOP 2015: Do THIS Before You Play!

6 minutes

WSOP 2015 STARTED IN VEGAS: $200 million for grabs

Cards have been in the air since last Wednesday. Everybody is truly excited. Tournament poker at its best. WSOP 2015.

I’ve taken the past two weeks off, enjoying time with my family in Italy and the South of France, and I’ll be skipping the entire series this year.

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