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What It’s Like to Play Poker in Macau

5 minutes

It takes a minute to acclimate to Asia, especially coming from the Western world, where the slightest inconvenience is met with disdain. Poor hygiene, air pollution and the lack of infrastructure are superficial differences one notices immediately when touching down.

Once you accept these things (a mental ‘jet lag’), your journey begins.

Phuket makes that transition easy.


High Stakes Travel

A Day In the Life of a High Stakes Poker Pro in Macau

1 minute

Macau is an incredible place. If it were a beverage I’d compare it to coffee or wine; it’s an acquired taste, but once you start, you grow to love it, and it’s hard to stop.

I’ve had some of the most dramatic days of my life there, made friends from all over the world, grew closer with my wife, experienced a new culture and challenged myself to live completely outside my comfort zone.



How to Measure Success in Poker

6 minutes

TVI had a crazy, epic Day 3 of the European Poker Tour in Malta,
but unfortunately ended up busting in 65th place.

It’s moments like these that one wonders why they bother with tournaments. Winning seems so impossible, so out of your control.

Even when hit with a lightening bolt of good fortune as I was – shoving with J8ss on a bluff into KK, and getting there – I still came up short.

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Macau Street Food

1 minute

Every time I fly to Italy and I get off the plane, I am always amazed by fragrance that saturates the air.

I look at Ambra and ask ‘Why does it always smells like pastries here?!”

Macau has many qualities, but the smell of its traditional food isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately cameras still can’t capture the smells, but through this gallery of images I think you can get a pretty close idea.


High Stakes Travel

Merry Christmas from Macau!

2 minutes


For the second year, Ambra & I are spending Christmas in Asia. It’s amazing how something that in the Western world represents such an unmissable event, here passes unnoticed. All the stores are open, everybody goes to work… life simply continues like every other day.

Giving up on Christmas Trees & Nativity Scenes, we went out to explore the temples, emblems of their religion, and we found out that their symbolism is not any less beautiful and interesting than ours (see the gallery below).


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