Should I Succumb to Sex? (even if nobody will find out)

Should I Succumb to Sex? (even if nobody will find out)

Julie’s in a pickle.

She’s in a healthy, committed relationship, but things are heating up during her workout sessions with her new trainer.

It’s easy to get turned on when you’re sweating. You’re feeling good, lean and sexy at the gym.

Serotonin, endorphins and hormones are flying all over the place.
And with the trainer in an authoritative, elusive position, can you blame her?

We’ve all been tempted and there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s need to feel guilty or embarrassed about our feelings.

It’s what you choose to do that counts.

Fickle relationships are a lot like poker. The beginning is pre flop, when you have your first two cards.

This is where the majority of the decision is made. Do I play the hand or wait for the next one?

Then there’s the flop: the first few encounters.
Here you gain a lot of information, and it really dictates how the rest of the hand will be played.

Take an aggressive line now, and you’re committed. We both know you’re going to the river.

There’s a line that you think twice about crossing. Because once you do there’s no turning back.
The pots too big and you’re committed.

It’s that one compromise you make that snowballs into ten. And we all know where it ends.


There’s really no other alternative.

Honesty brings clarity. With this perspective we are free to make a decision.
Either extend the relationship, knowing full well where it leads or cut it off completely.

If you continue to pursue Mr. Fantasy, you do so at your own risk. For one wrong step and the integrity of your former relationship is compromised forever.

Think about what you really want out of this secondary relationship. If it’s a one night fling, then it just doesn’t make sense.

In poker we would say you’re not getting the right price. The odds are stacked against you.
Your former relationship is worth so much more than even the most imaginative one night stand.

When that’s the case, the only play is to fold. And do so quick, before the pot gets too big.
Because that’s when you make a mistake.

Check out this week’s video to get the full picture and learn to answer the question for yourself, Should I Succumb to Sex?

Fun subject huh? Have you been in a tough spot before? How did you respond?

Share your thoughts in a comment below.

See ya’ll next week.

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