Playing Poker vs. Aggressive Opponents

Playing Poker vs. Aggressive Opponents

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Loose, aggressive opponents are the worst. The ones that never fold when you’re bluffing, and always play back at you.
(of course, it seems like the one time we DO make a hand they actually fold).

Let’s face it, aggression is tough to combat.

Instead of fighting aggression with aggression, which often leads to insane variance wars, ego battles and compromising situations, we must learn to balance aggression with strong foundational poker.

But how do we do that without being too straight forward? How do we combat aggression without giving away our strategy? And most importantly, how do we know when to change our strategy and vs. what types of opponents?

What types of opponents give you the most trouble? What strategies or theories did you use that helped? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below!

Have questions of your own? Shoot them over to me and I’ll respond in a video.



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