Why We Are Scared of Nothing

Why We Are Scared of Nothing


In one of the previous posts, I talked about our awesome experience at the Hyatt Regency in Phuket. Actually, it’s sort of irrelevant to say it’s located in Phuket. For us the hotel itself was the destination. Because, truth be told, we never really left. It could be have been in Abu Dhabi or Cincinnati for all we were concerned.

Only two things hinder enjoyment: allowing myself to be unproductive and not feeling guilty for doing it.

It’s sort of scary doing nothing. Perhaps corporate America did such a good job teaching me it’s wrong to be lazy that I can’t relax.

Or maybe I’ve come to realize how little we actually enjoy the time, despite all the activity. Sometimes it feels like we’re a bunch of robots going through motions. A whole lot of doing; not much experiencing.

Corporate America succeeded. Email, tweet, text, refresh. I’m tempted to just do, though not anything in particular.

It took three days to finally relax.

I cruised blissfully till the fifth day where, laying by the pool, my beautiful wife in my arms, the tingle of the sun on my back, calming music and light breeze, I was struck with fear.

It was simply too perfect.

How could life be any better?

Maybe it doesn’t.

I have everything, or more accurately I want for nothing.

I suppose, it’s always true, only here one cannot help but realize it.

Our mind does what minds do best, worry about realities that haven’t happened.

IF this is the best there is, then everything must be downhill. Anxiety crept in. What IF we get old, less able, maybe sick?

So I plotted (mostly out of fear) all the ridiculous ways to replicate this moment. Build a villa (preferrably on a tropical island), staff it, eat well, exercise often so we can be young, attractive and healthy forever.

To make the moment last.

The last day of my trip, I opened my computer to reread my genius plan and realized how silly, how futile it was.

Moments of perfection are supposed to be short. How else are we meant to appreciate them?.


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