How to Set Goals to be Happier

How to Set Goals to be Happier

As I reflected on my goals from the last 5 years I learned a startling truth: it’s not what types of goals we set that necessarily leads to happiness, it’s WHY we set them that makes all the difference.

Not only will this pursuit increase overall well being, but it will make the process more fun, less stressful and ultimately, you’ll be more successful in the types of activities you choose to pursue!

Check out today’s episode as I walk you through the types of goals that lead to increased happiness, and what you can do to find more fulfillment and meaning in your own life.

Are you a goal setter? What goal did you accomplish that was the most meaningful to you?
Share your thoughts in a comment below!

Have questions you want answered on next weeks episode? Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

And don’t wait too long, I’m not sure how long I can keep this up!

Have a good one! 🙂

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