How to Overcome Irrational Fears

How to Overcome Irrational Fears

Mark is a superstitious young man and struggles with how to overcome irrational fears.

He always loses whenever he’s dealt a certain hand. Every time he plays with this one particular dealer he’s destined for defeat.

We all struggle with unfounded worries and crazy superstitions, (which to us, don’t seem crazy!).
But it’s important to remember most of them have absolutely no roots in math or science.

Flying. Needles. Getting eaten by a shark.

They don’t possess any real danger (the chances of dying in a car accident is ten times higher than all these combined), yet they literally paralyze us from taking action.

In this weeks video I share one of my biggest weaknesses, and how, by using logic and the math that I’m taught in poker,
I’ve learned how to overcome irrational fears…. sorta 🙂

I almost lost it here, but thanks to my lovely wife, I made it through.

What are YOUR biggest fears? Are they really logical or have you been classically conditioned?

Share your thoughts in a comment below!


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