How to Never Forget Another Hand of Poker

How to Never Forget Another Hand of Poker


Bryan from Venice Beach plays his fair share of poker. But like many amateur players, when it comes to remembering hands he blanks out on crucial details. How deep was my opponent? From what position did he raise? Which cards on the flop were suited?

Paying extreme attention to detail is one of the key differences between the pro and the amateur. Pros can easily recite hands they played from years ago, and with extreme accuracy.

Remembering hands is one of the most crucial steps you’ll need to take to improve your poker game. It allows you to objectively review your play and compare your past mistakes to your present ones. You’ll also be able to strategize on ways to improve at poker with your close peers.

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you feel that poker pros all maintain some form of a photographic memory. (I’ll speak for many here when I say, ask me something I should know like when the bills are due or what I ate yesterday and I couldn’t begin to tell you).

While that may be true, what they really have is a selective memory, which means that it can be learned. It’s not like I always was able to recall hands perfectly, but with practice, I came to do it incredibly well.

So, how do I improve?

If you take one piece of advice away from this, the thing which will help you most is dedicating a small amount of time (as little as 2 consecutive weeks is enough) to consume your mind with poker.

This will get your mind immersed in cards (if you dream of poker hands while you sleep, you know you’re on the right track), which is what it takes to become proficient.

Think of poker like any other language. Fluency comes with immersion.

To learn more on how I have excelled at remembering literally every detail from nearly every hand I play over the last 10 years, check out my video!

Do you struggle remembering poker hands? What helps to keep track of all the little details?
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