How To Deal With Anxiety?

How To Deal With Anxiety?

Do you suffer from anxiety while playing poker? Are you always paranoid that the scare card on the turn helped your opponents hand?

If any of these examples resonate with you then chances are you’re a victim of what I call ‘froze-n-action’, because you literally get frozen during the course of action.

The flush card rolls off, and you think your opponent improved.
You have KK, and when an ace flops, you assume you’re beat.
You bet with the flop with JJ on T52. The turn comes a Q and you check behind to pot control.

This paranoia (and perhaps a little bit of bad luck in the past) can blind us from correctly evaluating which cards are actually threatening. This anxiety not only costs us tons of money at the poker table, but it makes us too easy to play against.

In this weeks ‘Hand of the Day’ I illustrate a great example of how a lack of proper analysis combined with fear can be the difference between winning a small pot and a huge one!

Do you suffer from ‘froze-n-action’? Is anxiety holding you back from winning more money?
Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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