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In his direct and open style, Alec delivers high energy and powerful keynotes that will leave the audience feeling inspired, moved and empowered to take action. Alec is best known for drawing on analogies learned from his career traveling the world playing poker and sharing didactic stories that apply toward life and business.

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Being Dealt a Winning Hand and Playing It Well

In this highly energetic and thought-provoking talk, Alec encourages the audience to focus on two core areas: understanding that everyone has been dealt a winning hand in life and practical insights into how to play that hand the best way possible. Drawing on more than a decade of expertise as a high stakes poker player, Alec analyzes the relationship between logic and intuition and how they both play a key role into making effective decisions. The audience will leave feeling both inspired to take action toward their goals as well as confident they have new tools and resources to do so.

How to Perform Like a Champion

As a mental performance athlete, Alec regularly played 24-hour poker sessions where millions of dollars could be won and lost in a single decision. What separates him from the rest of the pack and what are his secrets to being mentally acute in the 22nd hour when his opponents are tired and lacking vitality? Alec will provide his pillars for engineering a remarkable day – Diet, Exercise, Supplementation and ‘The Mental Game. You will leave this session with practical resources to feel amazing and achieve optimal performance in your life. Through captivating stories about what it truly takes to succeed in poker at the highest levels, Alec reveals his best strategies for performing like a champion.

What Do You Want?

Get ready for a bold call to action as Alec draws on his experience as a full time traveling digital entrepreneur. You will learn that his belief in freedom, excitement and choices is something that’s attainable with simple adjustments in your priorities, spending and saving, that ultimately allows people to achieve the life they want. With a strong emphasis on accountability and self-awareness, Alec will challenge you to map your actions to your ambitions, ensuring you’re fully aware of what your goals are, leaving you with extremely effective and practical steps toward attaining them. Provocative, informative and actionable, this talk will resonate with you for a lifetime.

Recent Talks

5 Things I Learned Playing Poker for 20

Speaking to the students of USC, I share the most compelling poker and life lessons from my 20 year poker journey, from having the confidence to bet on myself to knowing when it’s time to go all-in.

WarRoom Beverly Hills Montage

In this raw talk I gave to the entrepreneurs of WarRoom, I draw on lessons I learned from my career playing high stakes poker to help others can create their ideal lifestyle. By focusing on understanding our own priorities and making ‘conscious trades’ to get what we want, we can all make better, more aware decisions.

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