Video Course: 4-Step Poker

What is “The 4 Step Poker” Video Course?

The Four Step Poker video training program is a course that teaches you the steps to becoming a professional poker player.

When you are ready to commit to make poker a priority, many are the aspects to adjust in order to successfully complete the switch!

Bankroll management, laser like focus, tilt control, stamina, game selection, crafting your ideal image, discovering what game works best for you.

These are all skills you need to sharpen in order to succeed. And together we’ll create a custom plan based on your goals and desires to get what you want out of poker.


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* You are purchasing Step 1 for $497. To continue in the program, you can choose to purchase Step 2-4 steps individually at a later time for $497 each.

What’s Inside the “4 Step Poker” Video Course?


  1. The Role of Poker In Your Life (Practical goal setting exercises; How to achieve what you want in poker; Learn to balance your expenses and cut your overhead; The steps to becoming a professional; Creating your life plan)
  2. Discover Your Player Type (Learn what format of poker is right; My secret formula to determine exactly what limits you should be playing; Pros & Cons of cash games, tournaments, online and live)
  3. Treating Poker Like a Business (How to grow and manage your bankroll so you never go broke; Turn your poker playing into your own “company”; How to get staked & attract investors; Best practices to run your poker business)
  4. Gain Appreciation from Others (Think and act like a pro; Insights of Poker Etiquette; Creating your “poker story”; Making others believe in you: How to talk with family and friends)
  5. Think Like a Winner (How to turn every adversity into an opportunity; The role of money in poker; The role of luck in poker; Get into a winning mindset; How to instantly recover from bad beats)

BONUS: Understanding the variance in Poker (How to structure your bankroll to give you the best chance of success; The math behind the variance in poker, Real graphs, numbers and statistics to prepare for your swings)

To preview the first lesson of Step 1 CLICK HERE.


  1. When It’s Time to Play (Create a pre game routine; Always play your A Game; Finding a purpose for each time you play; Balancing poker with everyday life)
  2. Position Yourself in the Most Profitable Situation (How to always guarantee you’ll be a long term winner; The importance of being the casino; A little “table secret” to increase your win rate; Optimizing your game and seat selection)
  3. Using Your Image to Crush Your Opponents (Learn to create your ideal image at the table and use it for maximum profit; Understanding how others perceive your plays; The 3 quick adjustments to confuse your opponents)
  4. Get Into Their Heads (Mastering the deep psychology of the game, learn to play with absolute confidence, feel certain about every decision you make, honing your instincts,
  5. Creating Your Power Routine (Customize your in game routine to stay focused, calm and make effective decisions; How to use “triggers” to keep your head in the game)


  1. Overcoming Fears at the Table (How to deal with the fear of winning, losing, folding. Fear of feeling inadequate, looking stupid, facing scarcity. Fear of uncertainty and of the unknown)
  2. Things To Take Into Account When Making A Decision (How to train your mind to make the best decision every time you play; The #1 Secret to thinking clearly under pressure)
  3. Hand Analysis and Strategy (In depth analysis of Preflop, Flop, Turn & River situations; Hand reading made easy; My tricks to being a mathematical favorite)
  4. Tilt Control (How to stay in a positive state of mind, maintain your focus and fortitude; Mastering the art of acceptance and staying present)
  5. When It’s Time To Quit (The 3 signs that it’s time to quit; How to avoid giving back your hard earned profit; Quitting VS Staying: How to decide)

BONUS: 5 Never Before Revealed Hands I Played in Macau



  1. Expenses & Record Keeping (Understanding the role of rake; Best practices for selling and taking pieces; 3 Easy ways to record your sessions; Setting up a legal poker agreement)
  2. When To Change Limits (Know when it’s time to move up or down in stakes; When to take shots in bigger games; Why winning is never as good as losing is bad; How to create a long term plan)
  3. How To Grow Consistently (They key to a steady rise through the ranks; My 80/20 formula for success; The best resources & programs to accelerate your progress; How to plug leaks in your game)
  4. Turn Your Downswing Around (Keeping your head straight during a rough patch; My #1 trick for staying focused on your goal, knowing when you need a break (being responsible with money, 3 awesome ways to rebuild your confidence)
  5. Be Successful Long Term (Maintaining a balance between poker and life, developing a healthy routine, staying inspired to play, achieving your poker and life goals, building a lifestyle around the game you love)

The Entire 4 Step Poker Course includes:

20+ Video Modules of densely packed content which disclose how I beat the industry of poker for 10+ years, growing my bankroll and living a life of absolute freedom.

2 Bonus Videos which show you an in depth look at the variance in poker so you can learn the tools to manage your money and never go broke as well as my never before seen in depth analysis from 5 game changing hands I played in Macau.

20+ Actionable PDFs Worksheets designed to get you to take initiative immediately and customize the entire experience to your personal situation.

Over 15 hours of exclusive video content containing the secrets and resources I’ve used to travel the world and beat the professional circuit for over a decade.

A Community of aspiring professionals and committed players just like yourself, to whom you can access through the video course forum and share stories, ask for feedback and help each other grow.

NOTE: This is the overview of the entire Four Step Poker course. Right only Step 4 is currently being finished, but you can still pre-order and save a ton.

What People are Saying


I really did improve my game and the money invested in taking this course is much less then the money that i would lost at the poker table. I made one of my dreams come true – i made cash in WSOP!


It will help you become a winning player, but more important, it will help you how to stay a winning player. It is much more than don’t go broke approach and the results are awesome!



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Who is “The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker” for?

Serious Players

All those who want to build a solid foundation to which they can use to sharpen their skills and make side income.

Striving Professionals

Players who are ready to take that leap of faith and test their skills on the professional circuit and succeed in the long term.

Mature Pros

The players who already have the talent, but want to learn to and play the best game consistently and become elite.

Accelerate your poker journey and take advantage of my 10+ years of experience! Get access to the best poker teachings I learned from traveling the world full time on the poker circuit for over a decade!

You are an IDEAL candidate for this program if:

  • You want to make more money playing poker and move up in stakes
  • You need to sharpen your mental game
  • You want a proven system for managing your bankroll to ensure you never go broke
  • You struggle with managing your emotions, tilt too often or feel depressed after a losing session
  • You want to be in the best mental shape during every session you play.
  • You are committed to putting in the time and energy to turn pro and make a career out of poker.
  • You want to earn more money on the side of your current job and are ready to get serious about your game.
  • You are overwhelmed by studying and want a simple, easy to follow course to guide you through your next steps.
  • You want to improve but don’t know how to spend your time.
  • You feel like you’re a good player who has the potential to become great.


This program IS NOT for you if:

  • You don’t want to improve your game or grow as a player, and are content with where you are in poker.
  • You not willing to dedicate the time to becoming a more serious poker player.
  • You’re looking for some get rich quick program that’s going to automatically make you a boatload of money in your next session.
  • You’re not willing to take a hard look at your situation and be open to finding new ways to change it.


Take a massive leap into your poker career with the most professional course on the market!

Accelerate your poker journey and take advantage of my 10+ years of experience!
Get access to the best poker teachings I learned from traveling the world full time on the poker circuit for over a decade!


Get answers to your questions in this comprehensive FAQ guide!

Once you purchase 4 Step Poker you will get immediate access to the course via the online platform Kajabi Next. You’ll receive your unique username and password that will allow you to access the course (video modules available for download) and its worksheets (in a PDF format) as well as engaging with the community of users that already joined the course.
Each video module comes with a PDF follow up exercise designed to make you dig deep and implement the strategies you’ve learnt thus far.

No. 4 Step Poker is a course for anyone who wants to get serious about playing poker. Many people have taken the program and maintained the current jobs or simply played poker part time, as a passion and way to earn extra income on the side.
Graduates come from all walks of life, from the 22-year-old aspiring player, fresh out of college with his entire future ahead of him, to the 45 year old father of 2 who just wants to supplement his income and build a badass lifestyle for him and his family.
We never recommend or pressure anyone to quit his or her job to play poker. By working through the exercises in the program one will find the tools to do what is right for their individual needs.

You can buy Step 1 alone for a cost of $497 and, once completed decide if you wish to continue with the rest of the program.
However you must work through the program in order.

If after completing step one you wish to finish the rest of the program, simply use the discount code you received in your email and you can pay an additional $1000 to receive the other 3 steps when they become available.

Yes. When you purchase the video course, you get access to a platform called Kajabi Next where lots of aspiring poker pros like you, who are studying the material of the book, can share their progress. In the forum you can post questions, share your struggles as well as your success and learn from the experience of others.

Yes. Step 1 alone costs $497, however since the course is still on pre release, and to encourage students to finish the program we are offering a massive discount for those ready to take action now.

If you buy 3 Steps you get the last Step absolutely free.

$1497 for the entire course instead of $1988, a savings of 25%.

We cannot promise exact dates however we strive fervently to meet our deadlines. As of now our proposed schedule is as follows:

Step 3 will be out on September 15th 2016.
Step 4 will be delivered on November 15th, 2016.

The program is timed this way to make sure that each subsequent step is released as users in the previous steps graduate through the program.

If you’re serious about getting serious then take advantage of the pre release special. For $1,497 you’ll get access to all 4 Steps when they become available. Most students take one month per step anyway so you really won’t be affected by the release date of the future steps.


The Four Step Poker curriculum is carefully designed to keep you on track and on pace. It’s important that you do the program in order and follow the pace of the program.

In testing this method on countless students and clients, I’ve learned that some modules take longer to implement than others and that time needs to be allowed in between each module for you to apply the information you just learned.

If you like to rush into things and want to jump ahead or get everything at once because you feel like you’ve heard or seen this all before then this may not the right program for you.

Once you complete the program you’ll have lifetime access to all the information and can revisit anything in any order at any time.

No, however you can purchase Step 1 individually for $497. If you wish to continue afterwards we will still honor the discounted price and charge you an additional $1,000 for the remaining 3 steps. Simply use the discount code you receive in your email after you’ve made your purchase and you’ll have access to the lower price.

We offer this because we firmly believe that once you’ve tried Step 1 you’ll want to continue in the program and complete the remaining steps.

To preview the first lesson of Step 1 CLICK HERE.

Take the Four Step Poker course if you’re an aspiring or new professional, or want to get more serious about making money on the side. It doesn’t matter what age or level you are, what’s important is your commitment to becoming more serious about making money playing poker and treating the game like a business.

Players should have a background playing poker and be in a reasonable life situation to either play poker on a weekly basis or be ready to attempt being a full time professional.

The Four Step Poker course is built over Four Steps containing 5-7 video modules each.
Each Module comes with it’s own actionable PDF worksheet which helps you implement what you just learned directly into your poker game.

While everyone is free to work through the course at his or her own speed, most players take a month to complete Step 1, as it is best to allow yourself ample time to work through your exercises and truly implement the material.

The information in the course is progressive and builds upon itself, which is why students’ users are required to start at Step 1. Once you complete a step you are free to continue onwards to the next one as soon as the product becomes released on the market.

Yes. We never want our clients to feel pressured into a commitment they aren’t ready for. We also firmly believe in the value we are offering and that if you try one of our products, you’ll experience the value for yourself and we’re certain you’ll continue the program.

Students are fully welcome to pay for each step as they go, however since we want to reward commitment we’re offering huge savings if you buy all 4 Steps at once.

Note: You MUST buy the steps in order. The course is carefully designed to build upon itself and help you progress along your poker journey. You must start with Step 1, and continue in order.

The videos vary between 20-60 minutes in length. More than the specific time per video they are very dense, fast paced and have a ton of content. Each video also comes complete with a PDF worksheet to help you put things into practice.

Remember the way you’re going to get value from this course is by doing. If you’re concerned about the specific timing of each video being a measure of the courses value then this program is not right for you.

This is the only poker course of its kind on the market. Currently there’s not a single other program designed to turn aspiring players into successful professionals.

4 Step Poker is unique because it’s geared to help you achieve a professional approach toward the game of poker itself. Instead of focusing all its attention on hand reviews and strategy (don’t worry, there’s an entire section on that as well) we understand that to be a successful professional one must do more than simply have the ability to be great at playing poker; They must also be a great poker player. That’s why the course is expansive, covering all the necessary components to make you a successful player for the long term, from bankroll management to tilt control, from consistently playing your A game to knowing when to quit. And yes, of course we go super deep about all the strategy, where I share my secrets to how I beat the games in Macau for millions.


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* PRE-SALE BUNDLE SPECIAL OFFER: By purchasing this product you will get an instant access to the first three steps of Alec's Video course "4-step Poker". You will be the first to receive Step 4 as soon as it becomes available (ETA February, 2017).

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