February Goal: The No Sugar Challenge

February Goal:  The No Sugar Challenge

I’m kicking off February with an idea that I’ve wanted to take action on, as part of the “No Sugar Challenge,” for quite some time: quitting sugar.

I’ve done this successfully in the past and noticed incredible results; however, it’s crept back into my diet and life—one cookie at a time.

While I may not quit eating sugar, entirely, for the year of 2018, I am going to quit eating sugar in February as part of my monthly challenge series. The reason I’m throwing this out as a belated New Year’s resolution for 2018 is because I know many of you will be so happy with how you feel that you’ll want to extend this challenge for the rest of the year.

I should throw out a quick warning: if you’re used to eating a standard American diet, you’re going to feel a lot worse before you feel better. Similar to quitting caffeine or beginning to exercise, it takes the body some time to get acclimated, but once it does, there’s smooth sailing on the other side. In short, I promise the rewards are worth the sacrifice.

I always remember the advice my trainer gave me when I first started: you don’t even know how good you can truly feel. It’s sad that this is true, that our diets and lifestyles are so screwed up that most of us aren’t even aware of how we’re meant to feel when we eat clean.

No Sugar February Challenge by Alec Torelli

Intercontinental, Bangkok. Not on a sugar free diet

Moreover, the single most important diet alteration you can make to lose weight, increase your performance, and enhance your feeling of well-being is to avoid all processed sugar. Taking it one step further, eating a low glycemic diet will help regulate your blood sugar levels and, as a result, you won’t experience those energy dips throughout the day.

I’ve personally noted that while playing high stakes poker, maintaining a healthy, whole foods diet, free from processed foods—especially sugar—makes a hge difference in my mental performance. Away from the table, abstaining from sugar makes me less moody and more confident.

In short, when I’m healthy, I’m a better person.

While I have experimented with quitting sugar and found a few things that really work, I’m not a dietician or health professional. I am, however, fortunate enough to be married to a beautiful and sophisticated Italian who is a recipe queen, food stylist, and dietary consultant.

Indeed, I’ve used her techniques to successfully quit sugar.   It’s not easy. There’ll be a few days of withdrawal symptoms, but then it’s blue skys. Hang in there, it’s worth it.

If you’d like to join me in the #nosugarchallenge for February, 2018, I highly recommend downloading Little Bites of Beauty’s guides and resources for healthy eating.

Let’s crush it this February.


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