A Day In the Life of a High Stakes Poker Pro in Macau

A Day In the Life of a High Stakes Poker Pro in Macau

Macau is an incredible place. If it were a beverage I’d compare it to coffee or wine; it’s an acquired taste, but once you start, you grow to love it, and it’s hard to stop.

I’ve had some of the most dramatic days of my life there, made friends from all over the world, grew closer with my wife, experienced a new culture and challenged myself to live completely outside my comfort zone.

One Central MacauSome things one never gets used to: the smog, lack of sun, lack of healthy food, or locals whom spit habitually.

Other aspects one grows fond of: the lack of superficiality, the peace of eastern culture, and the respect that is an integral part of the locals.

But if I think back to the many eclectic experiences I had during the last three years I spent living in Macau, the memories which stick out the most is simply the daily routine that one adopts while playing poker there.

In this week’s episode of ‘High Stakes Travel’ I’ll give you a quick taste of a typical day in the life of a high stakes poker player!

Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite aspect about the life of a poker player? What is the least desirable?

Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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