The Best and the Rest

5 minutes

He almost looked bored. Frustrated when he lost a point, but not because the loss threatened his domination, but rather his effort was a mere waste of time. Why bother when the result is inevitable?

In the semi finals of the Indian Wells Masters, Rafael Nadal played with every ounce of heart a champion could expect.



The 3 Things I Would Tell To My 18 Year Old Self

10 minutes

Billionaires saying right woman was biggest reason of their success.

Confession: I’m not some guru who’s here to tell you how to pick up women.

But I do have a knack for simplifying complex things down to their essence.

And lo and behold, I bring you my quick guide to dating.

Who Is This For?

Practically this guide is for all singles, specifically those looking to find a partner and more specifically men looking for women since, by and large, men need much more help in this arena.



My 10-Year Reunion

8 minutes

‘In your 20’s you care deeply what people think about you.
In your 40’s you stop caring what they think.
In your 60’s you realize they weren’t thinking about you in the first place.’

Paul Orfalea, Founder of Kinkos

Is this shirt too much of a statement?’ I asked my wife.
I don’t want everyone to think that – No I can’t wear this one….


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