Breaking a Bad Habit: The One Thing Holding You Back

Breaking a Bad Habit: The One Thing Holding You Back

Many things get in the way of taking our games to the next level, especially breaking a bad habit.

When was the last time you stopped, took a step back and thought about what it was?

Most of us fall into two categories: excuses and bad habits.

Excuses are what we tell ourselves because we don’t want to face the truth.

A lack of time to pursue a given task is merely a lack of priority (not because we’re too busy).
Being overweight is a lack of proper diet and exercise (not because of genetics).
Failing a test is a lack of preparation (not because it was too hard).

Do any of these resonate with you? If so you need a dose of the cold hard truth.

Ask yourself what you can do (not if there’s something you can do) to change your situation.

Be brutally honest.

Bad habits hinder us from making progress.

Whether it’s lack of budgeting to binge drinking, change is needed to make a breakthrough.
Don’t wait for New Years resolution or life changing event to break a bad habit.

You don’t live on other people’s time. You deserve to live by your own rules.

Mike struggles with finding more time to pursue his passion.

But when we got to the heart of the problem, he confessed to watching too many YouTube videos,
a simple pattern that could be fixed with some prioritization, discipline and accountability.

He’s a winner though, and during our time together he pledged to give up YouTube for a month and spend more time on things that matter.

I’m inspired by his action, and in today’s video I share the one habit that I need to give up for a month!

So join us, take action now, and learn how you can easily plug the leak and start living the dream.

Do you need help breaking a bad habit? What is the ONE thing you can do NOW to get better?
Share your answers in a comment below.


P.S. Send in your questions to be featured in next weeks episode!

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