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How to Explain Your Awkward Job to Your Family

13 minutes

This post addresses a question from Nicholas J. Nicastro who asked, “How do I explain my job to my parents, family, and friends?”

My Personal Story: Dropping Out of College to Play Poker

When I was 18, I left a scholarship to Southern Methodist University (SMU), in Dallas, Texas to play poker for a living.

I’ll never forget the moment I decided.


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3 Things People Underestimate When Starting a Business

16 minutes

My goal with this post on being your own boss is draw from some of my personal experiences in being an entrepreneur and what I observe in many of my friends and colleagues with similar lives to share with you the 3 things people underestimate when starting a business and being entrepreneurs.

I believe that entrepreneurship has been placed on a pedestal by society and many consider it the dream life, where one gets to sit on a beach and drink Piña Coladas all day while earning passive income from some automated system.


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Playing the Long Game

5 minutes

We need to start rethinking the way we approach work and life based on new evidence that’s surfaced on future, human longevity.

Research on aging, out of Singularity University, founded by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, for example, documented that on average for every additional year of aging, people living in First World countries are extending their life expectancy by 3 months.


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Employ Yourself

8 minutes

I wish I had a full-time assistant. I see friends and colleagues who run their own companies have a full-time chief of staff, and I’m immediately motivated to scale my company so I can have someone by my side full-time, taking things off my plate.

I realize this can sound capricious, but I often feel overwhelmed with doing too many things at once and having someone full-time would allow me to focus exclusively on my highest productivity items (HPI).


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