I created this site with one goal in mind: to create community of people willing to grow both spiritually and professionally; willing to learn from each other and to connect openly, comfortably and honestly. You’ll find a lot of valuable insights here: from tips on traveling like a rockstar, to directions on finding your own fulfillment, to secrets on how to become a talented poker player and thrive spiritually, financially and professionally.

In other words, you’ll find a lot of effective resources that will make YOU a winner. And not just at poker. But at life. So what does it mean to be a winner at life?‘ It’s feeling adequate, loved, healthy and financially free to live the life you want, filled with freedom, excitement and choices. Many people associate winning with making millions of dollars. But what good is money if you can’t use it?

True wealth is freedom! Freedom to travel and be your own boss, to follow your passions and pursue your dreams while constantly feeling inspired. This kind of freedom is what the money is for. And it’s the only asset that can really fulfill your life. On my blog I share the best of what I’ve learned. And when I uncover something awesome that I think you should know about, my newsletter subscribers get the inside scoop.

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Many people know me as a high stakes poker player always striving to stay healthy, happy and free from the boundaries of conventions. It wasn’t always this way though. In the beginning of my career, I started traveling the world playing poker. I did a lot, but experienced little.

What I didn’t realize at the time was our poker careers are reflections of how we live our lives. My life had no balance and neither did my poker. I grinded for hours, mostly for the sake of grinding. With no real goals or goals or ambitions my life was lacking inspiration, motivation and purpose. And so was my poker. A substantial lifestyle redesign was required.

At the apex of my career, right when I was cashing in on every tournament and caught up in the lime light, it hit me: there’s more to one’s success than what happens at the poker table.

I took a hiatus and set out on a track of personal development that transformed my life and my poker game forever. I began to explore my passions. I gave speeches in universities, completed an Olympic triathlon, visited 30 countries, learned Italian, trained yoga in Bali, studied at the Gelato University, met my wife and began coaching, sharing what I learned with others.

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When I returned to poker I saw a massive increase in my game, my drive, and most of all, my enjoyment. I climbed my way back to the top of the industry. Only this time I chose a different mountain.

I left Las Vegas and its limelight for the hard-hitting challenge of Macau, where the biggest and the best from all over the globe come to compete in the largest cash games on the planet.

Today I love my job more than the first hand I was dealt 10 years ago, because both my game and life are filled with purpose. My focus switched from ‘How to Be Better At Playing Poker’ to ‘How to Be A Better Poker Player’ and a better, fuller person in general.

My coaching experience gave me a new perspective on my career. Feeling embraced in a community and seeing others struggling with the same battles I had faced before, gave me an unstoppable enthusiasm for sharing the guidance I wish I had.

But ultimately this journey is about YOU! So feel free to share whatever is on your mind in a comment so that others can learn from your experience.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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