Back to the Future

Back to the Future

BACK ON LINEThere are many ways to compete in poker: for each different game one can specialize in tournaments, cash games, online or live.

I’ve never been stay in one place too long. While No Limit Hold’em has always been my game of choice, I’ve bounced back and forth between all four ways of playing it.

I started with live cash games (16-18 with friends and home games), switched to online tournaments (18-19), then to online cash games (20-21), live tournaments (21-23), and most recently to the hard hitting live cash games of Macau (24-27).

I love learning, and the different formats of poker provide new challenges, each one stretching my limits and testing my abilities in unseen ways. It keeps the game fun, never being in one place too long and never playing one format long enough to get bored, complacent, and robotic.

It’s with great pleasure that I am returning to online tournaments, at least on Sunday. I’ve never liked the monotonous grind, but always enjoy the competition. Despite there being more skill and money in cash games, there is something unique to tournaments that cash games can never provide: there is one winner.

FTOPS4And in this week’s epic Sunday Million, my idealistic heart envisions jumping around my hotel room with a repeat of my 2007 FTOPS.

Is it crazy to think that I’m going to beat out 50,000+ players?

Of course.

But like all 49,999 of them, I know I’m going to the final table!

I don’t doubt that the competition will be tough or the lengths to which the game has evolved. Despite not playing myself I’ve kept in touch with many of the games top players, discussing hands and strategy. Because people are fighting to exploit new edges, what would once be considered a mistake is now a tactic. It’s truly incredible; a challenge that is as inspiring as it is tough.

But more than the long shot chance of winning $1,000,000 or the new obstacles that await me, I’m excited mostly to share this experience with you on Twitch.

Much of my time the last few years has been spent coaching. Seeing the success in another and knowing I had some influence in it is far more rewarding than doing it myself. My experience has taught me many things, but more than all of them it’s that helping others is inherently human.

twitch_logo2It’s impossible not to enjoy.

And that’s what I hope to do on Sunday: help others achieve the lifestyle they want out of poker.

But I’m going to need your help.

Aside from tuning in, you have to be ready to think about the game differently, with an open mind and ready to take your game to the next level.

You’re going to get the real me: raw, unscripted, and with real time insight on all things poker.


Of course we’re going to cover in depth strategy, but I’ll also be answering all your questions, sharing insights into the life of a professional and offering wisdom in how to make a successful career in poker. Sneak peak: It’s not merely about being good at poker; it’s about being a good poker player.

Join me tomorrow and experience the difference.

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