5 Cool Things to Do in Aosta

5 Cool Things to Do in Aosta


While at the Italian Poker Tour in Saint Vincent, one must see the town of Aosta.

  • Its roman ruins are incredible, accessible and so well preserved that it’s impossible to conceive they were built over 2,000 years ago. We marveled at them until the cold forced us to leave. How did they get the arches so perfect without any cement to glue them together?
  • Just nearby was a stunning Christmas market. With seasonal music, decorations, hot wine, tons of treats and great shopping, if one happens to be here during the holidays, it’s another can’t miss.
  • For lunch we ate at Cibo, a vegetarian place in the center of town. It’s extremely charming and everything is good, although it’s a bit slow and portions are small.
  • For dessert, we checked out a local chocolateria, Atelier du Chocolat (via S. Anselmo, 70, Aosta), which has amazing Marron Glace (glazed Chestnuts) and the best 100% dark chocolate I’ve ever found. Talk to the lady that works there… she knows everything about chocolate and makes one see the art in it. It’s hard to find people like that.
  • Just nearby Aosta are some stunning castles and the hills, which boast spectacular views. Some of the most beauty we saw was just driving around and getting lost. During such a journey, we stumbled across this Vegan BarLa Richezza del Cibo, by far the coolest place we found. Connected to it is a gym, so we got a good workout in and then enjoyed the fresh vegetable juice that the owner picks on the spot in her garden. The food she made (spaghetti squash, vegan pizza and raw desserts) was all fresh, meaning nothing was processed, nothing containing GMO’s and she didn’t use any sugar. It was just food.

It’s insane to me that this is considered an alternative way of eating, and deeply saddening that places like this are few and far between. Sipping on an amazing, energizing juice, I wondered: why isn’t all food consumed this way? Grown locally and without the poisonous pesticides that are sprayed on to them? 

Vegan Bar
Our 2 lunches at the vegan bar ‘La Ricchezza del Cibo’
The Roman ruins of Aosta, founded in the year 25 BC
St Vincent
Saint Vincent and some of the local dishes we enjoyed

Photography by Alec Torelli with his I-Phone 5

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