300g of Coffee

300g of Coffee

I was out. Again.

I turned off the stove and watched the boiling water slowly settle.

I threw on my shoes, grabbed my keys, and hopped on my bike.

About once every week or so, I routinely bike across town to a local coffee roaster, where they are notorious for toasting some of the best coffee in the North of Italy.

They import organic beans from single origin, high altitude climates (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and others), then roast the beans just days before packaging and selling them to happy customers like myself.

I make small talk with Federico, the storeowner and coffee expert, as he hand packs me 300 grams of coffee into a small bag.
“Sempre 300 grammi,” he tells me (“Always 300 grams).

It only hit me then: I loved their coffee and had been going there for months, so why not order more.


During my first visit, I had ordered a small quantity to test out various blends and see which I preferred; however, that was months ago. Yet, for the last five or so trips I had ordered the same blend, the single origin from Costa Rica.

300g coffee

Coffee has an extremely long shelf life, so why was I still ordering small quantities, only to continually run out and make the schlep across town on a near weekly basis?

Sure, I enjoyed watching them hand roast my beans, and the very Italian way of chit-chatting about nothing in particular, but ordering in bulk didn’t preclude me from coming back to the shop whenever I wanted.

My experience at the coffee shop made me think about how many other aspects of our life we treat the same way, routinely doing the same thing, just because it’s the way it had always been.

Working the same mediocre job.
Staying in the same broken relationship.
Living in the same city.

The reality is we’re creatures of habit, and far too often we fail to realize that we’re in control of our environment and life.
It’s easy to get caught up blindly following the values that society, family, or friends set out for us without thinking objectively about what we truly want.

Are you just going through the motions of life?

If so, remember that you have choices. You’re in control.
Making a change is sometimes as simple as becoming aware that there’s another option, right there within your grasp.


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