2014: Time for Challenges

2014: Time for Challenges


I was pretty inspired by Daniel Negreanu’s recent post on his reflections of 2013 and his goals for 2014. It’s refreshing to see someone in our sport that is at the top of his game and still continually striving to attain more.

Poker needs more role models like that.

I’m also a very goal oriented person. I always have been. When I write things down they become both realistic and attainable. I usually don’t coincide them with the calendar years because if one relies on something arbitrary (like the calendar) to motivate him then he’s sure to fail.  But more coincidentally than anything, it happens to be goal time just in time for the New Year!

For 2014, I have some high hopes. When it comes to setting goals it’s far to vague to simply say something bold like I want to learn Chinese. It needs to be clear, defined. “Have a five minute conversation” is something I can measure and strive toward. In addition, I daily steps I need to get me there. “Study 30 minutes a day.” 

When I feel like I’m making progress it keeps me driven for the long haul.

My Goals for 2014:

  1. Learn Chinese.
    • Success: Have a 5 minute conversation.
    • Step 1: Complete all 90 Pimsleur CD’s.
    • Step 2: Learn one new word a day in Macau.
    • Step 3: Speak only Chinese at table to dealers.
  1. Review a minimum of one poker hand per session or 5 per week.
  2. Triple my blog following
    • Success: Measured in views per day
    • Step 1: Post a video once per week
    • Step 2: Find another outlet to write for with target audience
    • Step 3: Continue writing for PokerNews
  3. Play the One Drop.
  4. Win 3,240 bb (1620BB) playing poker in 600 hours. Or in other words, win at 20 bb/ 100.
  5. Final table one of the following majors: EPT, WPT, WSOP.
  6. 2 complete detox vacations with no computer or work.
  7. Give one random compliment per day to a stranger.
  8. Spend 10 minutes per day on my relationship.
  9. Live more in the moment.

Now, I would love to hear from you. What are your life & poker goals for 2014? Share them below, leave a comment!




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