2014 By the Numbers & Goals for 2015

2014 By the Numbers & Goals for 2015

2014 has come to a bitter, sweet end. Here’s some of the highlights!

Countries Visited: 11 (Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand Italy, Monaco, Indonesia, USA, Spain, Switzerland, France, St Kitts & Nevis)

Flights: 14
Nights in the Air: 3
Nights in Hotels: 103
Nights in Rented Apartments: 13
Longest Time Spent in One Place: 48 days (Macau)

Coolest Experiences:

Sipping cocktails in the Jacuzzi on the rooftop of our suite overlooking Miami
Caviar & champagne lunch while flying first class on Cathay Pacific to Bali
Feeling the best, most rejuvenated we’ve ever felt during a 7-day detox Phuket
Showing my in-laws the U.S. for the first time, particularly Pioneertown & Joshua Tree.
The feeling of peace on a morning walk in Tignale, the mountains of Italy.
Proud Moments:
– Helping others to achieve their dreams through coaching.
– Giving my best in the World Poker Tour Alpha 8 in St. Kitts

Best Purchase:

Ipad (virtually replacing my computer), ergonomics mouse & keyboard

Best Meals:

Everything at the “Raw Café”, Rawai, Phuket
Paella at “Restaurante Ferran”, Barcelona
Grilled Buffet at “Sunset Grill” in Phuket
Fresella with Mozzarella di Bufala at “Sorbillo” in Naples
The paleo wraps and desserts at “HU Kitchen”, NYC
Amazing Discoveries:

The world’s best organic farm right near our home in Italy
Hiring a full time manager for our online affiliate marketing business
US Airways upgrading my wife and I to first class for free because of my AMEX
Improved at This:

Being less extreme and choosing moderation.

Not So Much at That:

Life sometimes sends you a gust of wind to tell you which direction you need to go. This year I battled the wind.

Biggest Regret:

Passing up an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for more EV at the tables. Promising that I’ll go later, and never doing it.


As a tradition, I like to record my life through numbers and statistics.

Most of them are curiosity and useless.

I do find some practicality in what I tabulate. When I want to achieve a desired result (say, drinking less coffee or exercising more frequently), the mere act of keeping track helps me get there.

Glasses of Wine: 40
Hard Drinks: 10
Coffee Drinks: 14
Workouts: 175
Movies Watched: 12
Book Read: 10


Now it’s time to look ahead. 2015 is going to be a great year; I can just feel it.

I’m not a “New Years Resolution” person so much as a goal setter. It’s coincidentally time for me to re prioritize and make new goals so I included them here as well, as themes for this year.

Goals for 2015:

Motto: ‘Do things that matter’


– Look back at my time and know that it made a difference.

– Stop biting my nails – and what it symbolizes… breathe more, and be more relaxed.


– Produce a meaningful, creative piece of work, making it my primary focus for the entire duration of the project.

Having: A place to call home.
Doing: Take 2 complete detox trips for 5-7 days each.
Being: Less selfish. More patient while waiting for results.


What are your resolutions for 2015? Most importantly, what steps are you going to take to ensure that you adhere to them?

Here’s to a killer 2015. Let’s make it awesome together!


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  • Random January 11, 2015 4:06 am


    Nice to read your post.
    Do you use any app/tool to record all these things? Like for example the number of coffees, hard drinks, etc?


    • Alec January 11, 2015 8:20 am

      Ciao Random,

      Thanks for that. I actually am quite simplistic when it comes to these things. The key to success is that you have to record things as they happen or else you’ll forget.
      You also have to start making it a habit immediately and in order to do so you want the simplest system possible.

      I use “notes” on my iPhone. I just write out the things I want to tabulate and then put a number next to them. Whenever I do another action – say drink a cup of coffee – I simply delete the old number and replace it with the new one, so there’s only one number showing at all times.

      My system looks like this:

      Coffee: 4
      Workouts: 10
      Movies: 2
      TV: 1

      If I were to drink a cup of coffee today, I’d delete the 4 and replace it with a 5. Simple as that.

      Hope that helps!

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