Who is Alec Torelli?

Alec Torelli is an Italian-American professional poker player and problem solver from Orange County, California. He started his first company, Doormat Delivery' at 14 but went All-In as soon as he discovered poker when he was 16 years old. At 18, he dropped out of SMU to pursue his dream of traveling and playing poker professionally. He has been to over 40 countries and competed in the highest stakes cash games, tournaments and televised events around the world.

Alec is the founder of Conscious Poker, a training site which helps aspiring poker players reach the next level. He currently travels the world full time with his wife Ambra and they divide their time between Italy, Asia, and the United States. Alec documents his life on his popular YouTube channel and blog. Through his content, Alec aims to empower people to create a life filled with freedom, excitement, and choices, and live on their own terms.