The 3 Best Secrets to Increasing Energy & Getting Motivated

How to Increase Motivation & Energy
My boy Mr. Futekov is struggling with fatigue, motivation and inspiration.

Instead of addressing them all separately, I aim to tackle the cause of the problem instead of the symptoms and straighten them all out at once.

How are these three things intricately related? And what easy steps can you do today to get boost your energy and feel productive and excited about your life? Continue reading

How to Set Goals to be Happier

Goal Setting & Happiness

As I reflected on my goals from the last 5 years I learned a startling truth: it’s not what types of goals we set that necessarily leads to happiness, it’s WHY we set them that makes all the difference.

Not only will this pursuit increase overall well being, but it will make the process more fun, less stressful and ultimately, you’ll be more successful in the types of activities you choose to pursue!

Check out today’s episode as I walk you through the types of goals that lead to increased happiness, and what you can do to find more fulfillment and meaning in your own life.

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How to Overcome Fear & Become a Winner

.How to Overcome Fear & Become a Winner

Fear is one of the biggest hindrances to success. It paralyzes us from taking action, whether its from making that big bluff, or starting that bucket list project of writing a book.

What are the underlying causes of fear? Is there really something to be afraid of or in the words of FDR is “the biggest thing to fear, fear itself?”

Today we’ll tackle the beast. Today we’ll conquer our fear. Continue reading

What You Must Know About Talent and Success

What You Must Know About Talent & Success

The relationship between talent and success are misunderstood. Are the best singers necessarily the most famous?

What can the correlation between talent and success teach us about how to reach the top of our industry, and more importantly, accomplish our goals?

Most importantly what is the ONE key ingredient that separates talent and success?

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